Predict the Future of Technology by Appreciating the Past - with Kevin Kelly

Technology has been around long before we were born. Today, we welcome Kevin Kelly back to the show. Kevin Kelly, a modern futurist, is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review. In addition, Kevin is also a writer, photographer, and conservationist.  

In the episode, Kevin speaks to listeners about technological revolutions and offers his knowledge on the future of AI. With inspiration from Amish traditions, Kevin explains that the technological advancements that are bound to happen in the future are inevitable and are driven by technological trends that have already been in motion. 

Tune in to learn why understanding what is occurring today is the most powerful starting point for the future.

As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:

  • Kevin [1:54] When we talk about technology, we should be talking about the 95% of it that’s been around long before we were born.  
  • Kevin [2:27] There is more technology being made than we individually can use ourselves.  
  • Kevin [2:49] The primary difference between the Amish and us is that they decide collectively on what to choose, whereas we decide individually.  
  • Kevin [6:14] Identifying the qualities you want in a technology can help you choose which new technology to use.  
  • Kevin [7:16] Be a minimalist in terms of the technologies you use daily but be a maximalist in terms of encouraging the abundance of technological choices.  
  • Kevin [8:20]: Technology leads to choices. 
  • Kevin [9:14] Technology is about doing things now that we could not before, even though the old forms of technology stick around. 
  • Kevin [13:16] What will be important tomorrow began two or three decades ago. 
  • Kevin [18:25] The goal of AI is not to replicate humans, but to encourage the benefit of having a technology that thinks differently from us.  
  • Kevin [21:16] AI is not superhuman intelligence that grows smarter, AI is about making a planet-sized machine of all connected devices to create a world brain. 
  • Kevin [23:14] Global planetary awareness is critical when it comes to technology and securing technology.  
  • Kevin [24:29] The way that information flows around the world is a non-linear system.   
  • Kevin [25:34] The idea of ownership, intellectual property, and copyright have been mistaken. It’s not possible for people to own ideas or data because of inter-relationships.  
  • Kevin [25:59] New ideas are a recombination of existing things. 
  • Kevin [26:20] New innovations have the same attributes as an ecosystem. 
  • Kevin [34:00] Will the AR world be economically and culturally bigger than the VR world? 
  • Kevin [38:50] Facial recognition is an example of the conundrum with the idea of ownership. Who owns your face? When we have VR and AR worlds, people will be claiming ownership which is the wrong model.  
  • Kevin [41:30] NFT’s gives you zero copyright claims, unless it’s part of the contract.
  • Kevin [46:36] The best ideas are the ones that nobody likes or wants to pursue.
  • Bill [49:23] Instead of trying to figure out who’s going to buy something, focus on your own internal enthusiasm for a subject. Let your enthusiasm be the GPS and people will follow.  

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