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For 20+ years Bill Murphy has built Mastermind Communities for CIOs and Business IT Leaders who are interested in a 10X Mindset, Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, Exponential Technologies, and Security. 

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VR Innovation Mastermind for CIOs and Business IT Leaders

The world’s first CIO and Business IT Leadership Masterminds in VR Virtual Reality. Limited to 20 participants.

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RZ10x Community Testimonial: Lonnie Snyder "'The CIOs are the APIs of the business,' one of the truest statements out of the group. Bill Murphy is a Renaissance man. He loves learning and is a human connector who brings people and great ideas together. I've really enjoyed the RedZone 10x events and now think about being my leadership team's human API/connector. The attendees are stretched and challenged to think about how they will grow to provide more value to their respective organizations."
RZ10x Community Testimonials: Matt Richard - "As CIOs, it's hard to find the time to step away from your day to day responsibilities. The demands of leadership and the ever changing landscape of technology means you never seem to get a break. With that being said, taking two hours out of my schedule every month to connect with my peers has been invaluable. Bill Murphy facilitates an excellent discussion on emerging technologies. Bill does an amazing job of drawing out the ideas of the group, fostering a productive discussion on implementing innovative strategies. I always leave these discussions feeling like I learned something new and more prepared to do my job."

CIO & Business IT Offense and Defense Innovation Forum

Our goal is to inspire high-performance IT leaders to develop a 10x mindset. We provide the framework for CIOs to surround themselves with peers who think in a powerful, transformational way so they can thrive and win amongst disruption and business ambiguity.

The Most Powerful Roles in Business are CIOs and Business IT Leaders.
CIOs are the CEO of the Future.
CIOs are the API of the Business.
"Great session Bill. I liked the reference of 'Ceiling of Complexity.' CIOs as architects for constant change. Also, how we improve - that exponential vs incremental thinking. And lots of good information on the WFH vs Back to work conundrum. Lots to discover as we slowly return to 'normal.' Thanks for putting this talk together."
"Bill, I personally deeply appreciate the important reminders: play offense, think exponentially, not linearly, and don't forget about your people, you are as strong as your team!  Overall, wonderful event, please keep this energy going!  Pandemic or not, these few rules will keep your organization successful."
"Bill, thank you VERY much for the invitation. Please don't take it any wrong way but I had very low expectations about this meeting. Most similar conversations I participated in the last few months were sales heavy and non-informative. This one was different. I was quite surprised by the depth and the quality of the conversation. I took lots of notes. I'm looking forward for the next meeting."
"My First takeaway is how you've impressively grown this group. Excellent turn out with many great minds sharing insight and experience. Gets me out of my industry bubble. It was helpful to hear that I am not alone as many of us face very similar situations in the remote work era. The landscape is about to shift once again. Another opportunity to be offensive, add value and flexibility for our respective organizations."

Who Are The Mastermind Events For?

The Offense and Defense Mastermind Events are for CIOs and title equivalent Business IT Leaders who are leading and guiding their organizations through disruptive and exponential change.

1. These events are for you ONLY if you’re a CIO, business IT Leader, or title equivalent


2. If you’re a consultant or vendor  – these events are NOT for you.

Connect with an elite community of CIOs and Business IT Leaders outside your current network base.

The industry moves fast. Stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Learn from the top
20% of CIOs.

Build a dream team of your virtual board of directors.

"Bill Murphy I echo so many of the comments from the MasterMind gathering! So many great ideas...and things to ponder. The human condition requires that interpersonal exchange to 'feel' connected. How we work to localize those exchanges as we continue to expand our reach 'virtually' is the challenge we struggle with as we juggle onsite 'safe space' with Zoom conference calls. This gathering highlighted the opportunities and challenges we all are facing in this moment. Thanks for sharing!  Looking forward to the next one!"
"The first thing has to be why are not talking about how much depth Bill Murphy has in so many of these topics?" "The second, is how is the rest of the world operating when so many smart people are participating on this call at one time? Are they on siesta?" "Third is how appreciative I am for the education and support from this group and how it continues to get re-enforced monthly."

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