The World’s First

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Mastermind for CIOs and Business IT Leaders

Virtually, we’ll travel to new locations, overlook cities from the top of skyscrapers, chat by waterfalls and firesides, and talk with top leaders to find real-time business solutions

Introducing the…

VR and AR Innovation Mastermind for CIOs and Business IT Leaders

– with Topics in Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, 10X Mindset, Security, and Exponential Technologies 

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Experience next-level Masterminds through experiments in VR, AR, and Spatial Web

These VR Mastermind events are tailored for an exclusive group of the top 20% of CIOs.

Each member is carefully selected and vetted for their abilities and value they can bring to the group.

During these events, you will:

  • Get outside your comfort zone and build relationships with your peers who are in the top 20% of the industry. 

  • Gain mentors – in the presence of great people, you’ll learn and rise to a different level of performance and expectation for yourself.  

  • Discover the most cutting-edge Exponential Technologies that impact and disrupt our businesses like VR, AR, Blockchain, ML, AI, IoT, and Security. 

  • Get ideas outside your industry and vertical. Industry expertise can be a weakness. Crosspollinate with other ideas and methods. 

  • Develop strategies and share your wins and lessons learned. 

  • Gain a deep CIO level community to patch into – In case you lose your job or are looking to expand your career.  

  • Learn about VR and AR, and 3D objects.

  • Utilize Virtual Workspaces.  

  • Gain a Virtual Board of Directors.   

  • Grow and continue to develop peerlevel relationships. 

Check Out What’s Possible With Just One Of The Virtual Meetup Rooms We’ll Utilize

VR and AR is the Future
VR/AR learning is 4x faster than kinetic 2D learning

The industry is going towards virtual reality. Be on the cutting edge of this emerging technology. Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple have massive strategic investments in VR.

The VR And AR Innovation Mastermind will set you up to launch your own virtual reality meetups (to assist with sales and marketing use cases), events, boardroom meetings, client meeting, business launches, and product launches.

Corona has accelerated interest and the desire to test new hybrid work models.

Bring Value for Your Company

How your company wins with this Mastermind investment

During these events, you will:


Deepen your client relationships, strengthen your sales team.  


Help your company avoid disruption. 


Help your business play offense. 


Create a holographic telepresence.  


Support your sales staff in closing deals faster.    


Determine which virtual platforms work and which ones are behind the times.   

You must continue to innovate and test. This group will check the box using a testing validation perspective throughout the year with the following technologies.

VR, AR, Spatial Web, NFT, 3D Objects, Blockchain, Security


What you will receive with the VR and AR Innovation Mastermind

  • Get community support and mastermind collaboration

  • Learn from host and industry leader Bill Murphy as he guides you through each virtual experience.

  • Technical assistance to guide you through the exact steps to seamlessly set up your VR headset and gain access the Virtual Environment.

  • Have a team here every step of the way to make sure that you get the most out of your virtual and augmented reality meetups.

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Let’s be on the ground floor of the new way of connecting and interacting with the world. Get out of Zoom hell and into the most advanced ways of connecting virtually that the world has ever seen.

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