Joe Topinka is at the pinnacle of the CIO profession. He is at the top 1% in the field. He loves to teach, mentor, is an author, Entrepreneur and a current world class CIO with SnapAV.

What are the two things he would immediately give as new advice to a CIO who wanted to be a business technology leader?

  1. Get a list of the portfolio of strategic imperatives – match this to the projects that you are being asked to do. Find convergence!
  2. Spend time with external customers. Visit and listen to them.

Are You Perceived as a Doormat? An Order Taker?
Joe discusses and emphasizes two items that will change this perception: (Projects and Investment Scoring)

  1. Projects: Move away from red, yellow, green project reporting to the following PROCON
  2. Investment Scoring Methodology Investment Scoring

Interview Highlights – What you will learn

  • What makes the CIO be perceived as a Doormat
  • What makes the CIO be perceived as an Order Taker
  • Why Ditch Alignment Language
  • Who has the “last loudest mouth”? You must teach end-users not to BMW – (Bitch Moan and Whine)
  • You can partner with the business in all three areas: a) bring results to the top-line b) bottom line c) reduce risk
  • The Two Best Ways to Immediately Add Value to the Business
  • How Converged Organizations Drive 4x More Profit
  • The New Language for the CIO, “Words Really Matter”
  • How perception of stress can lower your stress level.
    • Don’t fight it. Consider it sport. Look at it as a fun challenge.
  • What would Joe put on a billboard if he could place it in every US city? “Become a Business technology Leader”
  • What is Joe World Class at? A Business Technology Leader, Coach, Mentor + Leader

joe Topinka

Recognized as a game-changing career CIO, Joe’s IT Business Partner Program™ has driven exponential business results consistently across industries by bridging the chasm between business stakeholders and IT organizations. Joe Believes that when you create a trusting environment and empower people they deliver the best possible results. That philosophy has helped the companies that he’s led achieve great results and has enabled career growth for his colleagues. Joe’s proprietary Business Partner Program demystifies IT for the C-Suite and achieves business growth through:

  • CONVERGED IT – business stakeholders and IT leaders are intertwined and inseparable
  • MOVING BEYOND ALIGNMENT – C-Suite and IT leadership: thinking + acting + achieving together
  • OUTSIDE IN THINKING – Getting immersed in the customer’s environment to make it easy for them to love what your company does

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