The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity, with Kelley Steven-Waiss

My guest today is Kelley Steven-Waiss. This is a woman who’s really at the pinnacle of her career. What I love is that, as a leader, you will be able to see how Kelley is dealing with the human resource issues that we’re facing in the marketplace. That both of the skilled resource challenges, being able to find talent and train talent, and how you create engagement and a culture that is both powerful and profitable, and embraces the new workforce all the way from the oldest generation to the youngest in the workforce.

Kelley does this right now at HERE technologies, a multiple thousand-user organization. She’s done that with Extreme Networks, Integrated Device Technology, and PMC-Sierra. She has been responsible for global human capital and human resource strategies for all of those companies. Kelley is also on the board of Form Factor, which is a publicly traded company in California, as well as being the chair of the Advisory Board of Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

Kelley is incredibly accomplished. Something I know you’re going to enjoy hearing about is her innovation within Hitch, an endeavor within the HERE technologies umbrella. Kelley founded and solved a problem using AI and machine learning to find and source talent within her organization. Now, it’s actually generating revenue and is being sold to other companies as well. In my CIO Innovation Forum group, we often talk about the innovation mindset and how we’re doing this within our organizations. Kelley is a perfect example of this. How she brought in an idea to solve a problem within her own organization – and now it’s available for sale and purchase to others.

Kelley has co-authored a new book with Edie Goldberg called, The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity. The book is scheduled for release in April 2020, but is available for pre-order now.

Kelley has this abundance mindset. One of the things she’s doing through this book is coaching leaders to look at the availability of talent from within their organizations and reverse a scarcity mindset by looking at this abundance of talent that they already have.

We’ve taken on these exponential technologies that give us the ability to have 10x growth, but we have to lead a different way. We have to lead from an abundance mindset, one in which we approach workers from a different perspective – not a command and control, but from understanding worker’s whole selves because that creates a unlock and it creates a shift in a powerful change in the leadership paradigm.

So, we cover a lot of ground in this conversation and you’re going to find valuable nuggets and snippets throughout. I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from all of you.

I want to welcome you to my conversation with Kelley Steven-Waiss.

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What I think you will like about my conversation with Kelley is that she gives a window into where you have to adjust your thinking related to:

  • Multiple generations of workers co-existing
  • Leadership and serving your workers needs
  • How to encourage people to bring their Whole Selves to work and the power this enables within your workforce versus (just get the work done) She discusses what has shifted and the powerful unlock into a new leadership paradigm
  • For CIOs, especially with the talent squeeze globally, pay attention to elements of our conversation
  • The powerful story of how she founded Hitch, a talent Opportunity & Mobility platform that creates an internal marketplace for employees to find and discover opportunities so that the business can source talent from within.
  • From a top CHRO’s perspective, the most critical skills that you must insure that your kids have to prepare them for the modern economy.
  • How you can go sideways yet still go forward

About Kelley Steven-Waiss

Kelley Steven-Waiss is Chief Human Resources Officer at HERE Technologies, overseeing the company’s human resource management and talent strategy. She has more than 25 years of executive management experience in human resources, change management, and corporate communications.

Kelley started an incubator while at HERE to develop a talent mobility solution called Hitch, a cloud-based SaaS software, which uses machine learning and AI to match project-based opportunities to internal employee profiles based on visualization of employees’ skills.

Prior to joining HERE, Kelley was Executive Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources for Extreme Networks, responsible for the company’s global human capital strategies. Before that she held numerous executive management, including at Integrated Device Technology (IDT) and PMC-Sierra, as well as consulting positions in large global consulting, public software and retail companies.

Kelley earned her MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco, and a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona. She sits on the board of Form Factor, a Silicon Valley public semiconductor company, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board for Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF). She is married and the mother of four children.

Thank you for listening and have a great day! 

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