Modern Sales | Your Customers Don’t Need You Anymore, with Chris Peterson

Why did I go down this path with this type of episode?

I recently read an article by Chris Peterson, Principal at Vector Firm, where he outlined ways for a salesperson to differentiate themselves from every other salesperson. I was impressed and it made me think hard about the role of a salesperson and the notable transformation within today’s selling environment.

Beginning in 2006, Chris recognized a growing chasm between the way organizations purchased security technology and the way it was being sold. He recognized that this was creating a sales force of amazing security account managers who had little or no time to HUNT for new business.

Do you think the role of a salesperson is dead? People are afraid of even using the word salesperson today. You rarely see this title on a business card. You see titles like Business Development, Account Manager, Account Executive and the list goes on and on.

Is the role of a commission based sales rep dead?


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Now I believe that sales is one of the highest and noblest professions of service. Essentially, the more you serve, the more you make. In the past, sales reps exchanged the risk of a low-to-no salary for the reward of a higher than normal income solely as a result of the fruits of their efforts. Ultimately, every role in the business thrives with more revenue coming in and the resulting increase in profits.

Sales is so different from 10 to 20 years ago, yet continues to be the oxygen for business. Some of these changes have exposed deep-seeded issues that won’t translate into successful sales today. It’s extremely important for business leaders to understand the shifts that are happening now by understanding how they came about and determine how we can help modern salespeople be more successful.

Who is this episode for today? If you are a buyer of security technologies and services, a salesperson in today’s modern world, an entrepreneur building a sales organization, are in a sales leadership role, a marketing leader in a company, or a CIO supporting a sales organization, you will enjoy listening to my conversation with Chris Peterson founder of Vector Firm.

I hope you enjoyed this program interview with Chris Peterson.

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