How to Create an Anticipatory vs. Agile Organization – with Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus has over 800k followers on Linkedin. Out of 300 million Linkedin profiles he is in the top 35. This is stunning, but wait because once I go through his bio you will understand why.

He is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker.


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He is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies helping them to develop game-changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact. He is the author of six books, including THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE WALL STREET Journal best seller Flash Foresight as well as the highly acclaimed Technotrends.

Daniel Burrus’ accurate predictions date back to the early 1980s (over 35 years) where he became the first and only technology futurist to accurately identify the twenty technologies that would become the driving forces of business and economic change for decades to come. Since then he has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of predicting the future of technology driven change and its direct impact on the business world.

As a business strategist, he has helped hundreds of clients profit from new opportunities and develop successful competitive business strategies based on the creative application of leading-edge technologies. Daniel is a thought leader and contributing writer on the topics of innovation, change and the future for HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, LINKEDIN, HUFFINGTON POST, WIRED MAGAZINE AND EXAMINER.COM to name a few.

He has founded six businesses, four of which were national leaders in the United States in the first year. He is the CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in technology driven trends to help clients profit from technological, social and business forces that are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities.

Major take – aways from this episode are:

  1. Why is having an ‘anticipatory’ organization  better than being ‘agile’.
  2. Developing a Methodology to Anticipate Disruption and Opportunities.
  3. The critically important difference between a HARD and a SOFT trends in evaluating risk.
  4. Is Bitcoin a Hard or Soft trend for example? Is Cyber currency a hard or soft trend?
  5. The difference between ‘computing power’ and ‘processing power’ related to Moore’s Law.
  6. What happened to Kodak when they treated digital photography as a Soft Trend.
  7. Business process trends over the next 5 years [Hard Trend].
  8. The Science of Strategic Foresight.
  9. How to Avoid Busying Yourself out of business.
  10. How to identify change versus transformation.
  11. Rapid problem solving for CIOs by using the “skip it process”.
  12. The problem is never ‘budget’.
  13. 3 HARD Technology TRENDS to pay attention to: Technology, Demographics (Gen Z), and Government Regulation (caused by Cyber).

About Daniel Burrus:

DANIEL BURRUS is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation, and is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in technology driven trends to help clients understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous untapped opportunities. He is the author of six books including New York Times & Wall Street Journal best seller Flash Foresight.

Daniel Burrus is also the creator of The Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System–named a Top 10 Product of 2016.The AO Learning System is a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes.

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