How to Backup and Archive your Data to the Blockchain featuring Don Beavers

Blockchain is the Future.

In this episode, we chat with Don Beavers, the President of Probability and Statistics Inc. and CEO at Sollensys. Don specializes in database and blockchain applications for web, aerospace, and defense projects.

Don has pushed the limits of what is possible with blockchain and crypto using math and science to tackle impossible challenges.

Listen in as we discuss backups, protection from hackers, how blockchain is the future and Don’s unique approach to technology and leadership.


As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:  

  • 1:36 Blockchain is the future.
  • 1:54 With blockchain, it is the first time we’ve actually talked about something that’s an application to solve some real problems for people. 
  • 3:40 Blockchain is not Bitcoin.
  • 4:17 Blockchain is a super-secure unique and new way to keep data safe.   
  • 4:50 Blockchain technology is an opportunity to provide a viable alternative to businesses.
  • 6:00 The best purpose that we found for blockchain, is for archiving data and it makes data indestructible.  
  • 11:56 Blockchain is an amazing system that checks itself. 
  • 14:09 Ideally blockchain is ridiculously inexpensive for what it offers.
  • 15:52 Blockchain is using exponential technology. Blockchain is going to have a very powerful impact on our life. 
"So in your backup drive, it's write once, read many. Ours is write once, read almost never. It's there in case there's a disaster. So our goal is not to change anything in your system. Our goal is to add an extra layer of protection to that." - Don Beavers, Database and Blockchain Applications Specialist

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