How Can CIOs Be CEOs of the Future? – with Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio

This week my guest is Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio. I looked into Apptio software used by a previous podcast guest Bob Fecteau, CIO of SAIC. I had to check it out because I got to see what Bob was dealing with and why Apptio added such a tremendous value for his business.

During our interview, Sunny shares the story of Apptio’s genesis and I think every CIO can learn from it. It is fascinating how Sunny was able to take a problem of one CIO and reconstitute it into a solution set that ultimately addresses all today’s CIOs and their challenges.

I thought, many of you are constantly solving problems for other departments within your business, but what about yourselves? How are you, the CIO, solving your own enterprise resource planning?

You will find this interview useful if you want to learn how to build transparency, trust and confidence and have a seat at the table. Sunny and I also talk about defense and offense, comprehensive IT, vendor, cloud spending. I believe that this type of approach to bringing IT together would only work today. Many of you, CIOs, are at that point where you are looking to up level your skills as leaders, as Sunny put it, CIOs are technologists wanting to be business people without going to business school.

Listen to this interview to get practical advice on how to gain visibility into your IT cost management and find out how Apptio is collaborating with IT leaders today to achieve that.


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Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

  1. Story of Apptio
    • System of Record for IT that came out of the need to manage business, analytics and decision-making for CIOs.
    • Listening to the customers and morphing, changing execution plan based on hearing from CIOs, gave Apptio its start and growth.
    • Apptio as an “ERP for CIO” helps IT Leaders become more business-oriented.
  2. Technology Business Management System as a Market
    • Apptio’s standardization function is explained.
    • Apptio as a framework of language and transparency.
    • Technology Business Management Council is a non-profit organization created by Apptio and dedicated to industry standards and an operating model for CIOs.
    • What role does Apptio play with the speed of change? How Apptio helps CIOs innovate and dive into transformation projects?
  3. How is Apptio helping CIOs win with their business? Practical advice for CIOs on how to get started.
    • Apptio solution helps to get granular transparency into CIO services and products spending and uses it to create an offense dialogue with the business.
    • Automating your existing budget, planning, financial management discipline.
    • Categorizing the vendor’s spending fine optimizations.
    • Getting control of your Cloud spending.

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