High Performance IT Leadership Is a Verb: Empower Yourself with a Navy Seal Mindset!

This week my guest is Capitan Tom Chaby. Tom has been an active duty US Navy SEAL for 26 years and was a task force commander of 400 men in Iraq and Afghanistan. Retired a few years ago, he now specializes in leadership performance optimization. Tom works with sports teams and corporations that are looking to learn from his experience and his circle of influence.

In this interview, we discuss leadership and team culture from Navy SEAL’s perspective. What I find extraordinary about Tom is that most things we talk about are so transferable to you: leadership style, the way you lead and perform under pressure, and how to be a high performance leader.

For those leaders in innovation, transformation, entrepreneurship and leadership of any sort, you will love my interview with Captain Tom Chaby. I hope you receive as much benefit and value from it as I did.


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Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

1. The importance of good mentors in leadership.
2. Leadership styles discussed building a team does not happen by accident.
3. Why it is important to scrutinize every angle.
4. Look for consistent best practices that work within the organization.
5. Why leadership is not a title: modifying your team’s behavior to change the trajectory of their outcomes.
6. What is a concept of kaizen – “continual improvement”?
7. Learn about the way you perform and lead under pressure.
8. Concept of “hot wash” explained: why should you put your rank on the table and speak openly with your team.
9. The four-point process of looking at team excellence:
a. Shared values; b. Buy in; c. Consistency; d. Performing under pressure.
10. Why you should use negative experience to your advantage.
11. How to lead the younger generation and stay relevant?
12. How do you embrace discomfort as a leader?
13. How to lead a high performance culture.
14. How do you get feedback from your teams?

About Tom Chaby

Captain Tom Chaby has been an active duty US Navy SEAL for 26 years. Throughout his career, Tom has led special operations at every level in over 70 countries around the world. Shortly after 9/11, Captain Chaby deployed to Afghanistan leading a Task Unit of 50 SEALs and support personnel conducting special operations in support of the initial stages of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. During the latter part of the most critical fight in Fallujah, Tom led a Task Force of over 400 personnel conducting full spectrum special operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Earlier in his career, Tom lived in South America leading Counter Drug Operations throughout Colombia and the region. Captain Chaby’s operational experience has been extensive, diverse and extremely effective.

Outside of the operational realm, Tom has worked relentlessly with developing and ensuring performance optimization for the SEAL community and developing holistic resiliency for the entire 67,000 members that comprise the Special Operations community. During five years of being the Deputy Commanding Officer of the SEAL Training Command and a SEAL Instructor, Tom was integral in creating the current generation of SEAL operators. While directing the Preservation of the Force and Family effort, Tom helped shape programs, authorities and resources to help the entire Special Operations community build and sustain resiliency in four domains: physical, psychological, social and spiritual. His efforts have significantly improved operational readiness and the well-being of his teammates.

Over the past four years, Captain Chaby has been collaborating with dozens of corporate leadership and sports teams, providing value to organizations by bringing his extensive experience and insights through speaking engagements and full spectrum consulting. Some of Captain Chaby’s talks include: Leadership in Chaos, Embracing Disruption; The Art of Relevance; Handling Pressure, the most important SKILL when it matters most; Failure is not an option; Setting the Conditions for Success, creating a culture of change; and Full Spectrum Resiliency and how it improves your bottom line. Tom has spoken to Bill Gates, Dennis Washington, CBRE leadership, American Medical Association, Intuit leadership, Coach Saban and the University of Alabama Football Team, Coach Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees coaching staff and dozens of other high performance organizations.

How to get in touch with Tom Chaby:

Email: tom@tomchaby.com

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