Trends are not roadmaps for something you have to do. They are simply descriptions of behavior that is accelerating.

In this episode, I sat down with bestselling author and expert on disruptive marketing trends, Rohit Bhargava. We discussed the anatomy of trends, the future of work for IT, and next-generation marketing in this riveting conversation.


As a CIO and business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:  

  • 2:15 It is important for leaders to know how to story tell to be persuasive.

  • 2:45 The best marketers are storytellers using persuasive stories to sell something.

  • 2:55 In order to be able to story tell and be persuasive one must understand human behavior. We must understand why people act the way that they do or work the way that they do.

  • 3:26 The current present moment is what a person needs to be aware of.

  • 4:23 What I teach to people is to be aware and observant of the things that no one else sees.  You can train yourself to be aware and observant of what everyone else misses.

  • 4:58 People walk past what could be a world-changing idea because they are focused on the wrong things or on the things that they are trying to get done at that moment.

  • 7:28 A lot of times people just want to see results, numbers, stats, or analytics but numbers can be bullshit and not actually measure success. We need to understand what the numbers are, and what we are measuring.

  • 10:30 Digging into the trend of selfies to understand the “selfie confidence”.

  • 12:02 Sometimes we look at people that do not think the way that we do or people who have different beliefs and assume that they must be stupid and wrong. Then you start to see what they are “consuming” and how they are thinking, so you build the ability to have empathy for them.

  • 12:51 Trends are not “roadmaps” they are descriptions of behavior that is accelerating. You can choose to follow a trend or go in a different direction.

  • 13:31 When you break the trend, you do it with intention because you are choosing to go in the opposite direction.

  • 16:15 People who are in their twenties now did not grow up with education about the internet and cyberbullying. Lucky children now are being taught through social media and other platforms how to navigate their internet footprint and what not to do.

  • 20:15 A benefit you get from an English major is you learn how to communicate and to communicate through the written word.

  • 20:38 The culture of the world has shifted towards writing. We are constantly expressing ourselves through the written word.

  • 22:12 Speed reading does not work. A leader needs to be a “speed understander” which means you are paying attention to what matters, but you are also training yourself to ignore what does not.

  • 24:39 We need time to do deep work. The only way to do that is to ignore everything else and to truly focus.

  • 26:55 Anyone who is successful has a story of constant mentorship. Paid mentorship is also a good option if someone is determined.

  • 30:04 The more experienced and knowledgeable someone is the more in demand they will be and the less time they have. This can be beneficial because they are able to deliver that knowledge in a small amount of time.

  • 34:20 People are now being given the choice to remote work or come into the office.

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