In this MasterMind Podcast Ep#2 6 CIOs and I cover a lightning round one hour session in which we discuss several great topics.

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What emerged were 2 major themes that interested the majority and 2 secondary themes.

– IT Security as it related to Employee training, Cloud Infrastructure security at AWS – Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Office 365

– Business Intelligence – Business Analytics

– BCP / DR – Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

– Generational issues – employees and their readiness to adopt new technology

Lessons learned cover:

  • Office 365 – lessons learned
  • AWS deployment and lessons learned
  • Business Intelligence (BI)– Lessons learned
  • BI Support tools and options Qlikview
  • DR/BCP planning approaches –testing suggestions
  • Everbridge – mass notification system
  • Ideas on handling GenZs and Millenials

MasterMind Podcast Guests:

Christopher Lumley, VP Information Systems
MECU of Baltimore

Sam McMakin, CIO Managing Director  
American Chemistry Council

Caterina Luppi, CIO
American Psychiatric Association

Tony Meoni, Director

Simon Cooper, CIO
Service Power

Rafael Maldonado, CIO

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