Achieving High Performance in Parenting & Business Featuring Ryan Morrissey and Brian Vetter

High performance starts in the kitchen.

Our bodies thrive better on simple ingredients. Keeping what we put in our bodies simplified, helps us live our healthiest lives.

Or as Brian Vetter, Chief Growth Officer and founder of Tessemae’s put it  “Our mission is to simplify food and amplify life.”

On this episode, we explore how to optimize performance with fitness and nutrition.

Tune in for this chat with Ryan Morrissey, Coach, and Owner of Peak Custom Solutions, and Brian Vetter, Chief Growth Officer and founder of Tessemae’s.


As a CIO and Business IT Leader here are some wins you will get by listening:  

  • 04:40 You have to live growth in all ways, you can’t just live growth through the company. The more you’re able to grow as a person the more you’re able to extend that growth into your company.

  • 06:17 Most people that you’re working with, don’t really want to be there, they expect immediate results, they don’t want to commit long term, they don’t want to put in the work, they don’t have the consistency.

  • 06:54 Know your limitations and know that we can’t do it all. You know what you can do, and know what you’re pretty well versed in and what not well-versed in.

  • 10:30 Look at concerns from a number of different angles. Don’t just try to fix the obvious. Don’t overlook the important things. And don’t go for the easy fix.

  • 14:16 Even if they are not in your network, focus on finding that person that speaks, the language that you wish everyone spoke, it will open up a whole world that you never knew existed. 

  • 17:29 Sometimes we don’t realize that the good things in life take time to develop. Look at it as long-term development. Not as immediate needs.

  • 20:04 Choose strategy before choosing a tool that only gives you one thing.

  • 24:03 Just because things are hard doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong. Don’t just get on the path with the least resistance.

  • 47:11 Everyone is on fast forward with choosing creativity and tech but that doesn’t mean the product is meant for you. The customized approach isn’t there.

  • 50:45 Look at things through a comprehensive approach, look at the bigger picture.

  • 1:02:08 There is a difference between having self-confidence and having an ego.

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